June 7, 2007

ice cream at amores,aksa beach,infinity mall,french classes,walks in that garden,ccd,roses,sudoko,coming back to life,lessons at worli seaface,photographs,sports bar,paani puri,worli sea face,go-karting,food courts,sky watching from the car,shopping,seat-belts,loreal,andheri flyover,colaba,naturals,:K:S:H,gin and tonic,black slippers,hard rock,spanish notes,chal hutt mani nahi hatta,U2,go!,french fries,ketchup,candies,me,time kidhar hai,leopolds,chickoo the cow,stawberries,pollyesthers,black and white and grey,al commander,baker street,madness,juhu beach,Pink Floyd,vodka and sprite,red hair,TGIF,burji pav at churchgate,grand hyatt,carter road,confused camel,the dome,ferrari soles,aloo chat,on toes,boats,300,three bottles of water everyday,where the streets have no name,petrol stations,rain,beer,orange t-shirt,shantaram,fm radio,charcoal painting,table tennis,spanish classes,starlit,chai,butter toast,tea center,you,sunglasses,Mt A,rhyme mails,jigsaws,lemon grass,indians taking pictures,marine drive,kanheri caves,kiss from a rose,mondys,perros



  1. I just love reading your blog

  2. they’re not really lost if they’re so clear inside your head.

  3. We miss you too.

  4. *Ailya – Thanks again 😀

    * t and ideasmith – Its not about all of these being lost to me. Its about the “you”and the “me” having lived through and have gotten lost among all these.

  5. Not lost…. Paused!

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