The responsibility of wanting

June 13, 2007

And so many times we reasoned out our actions by saying

‘I did it out of habit.’
‘I did it because that was the logical thing to do’
‘I can’t help it, its just me’
‘I did it thinking what you would feel’

And every time we said this, we unknowingly or knowingly passed on the responsibility of what we did.

To habit
To logic
To stubbornness
To other people

All the time ignoring the fact that we had a choice.

All the time forgetting that every action of ours was a choice – our individual choice.

And everything that we did was a result of choosing – based on what we wanted.

For at the end it all boiled down to only one reason – Because we wanted or we did not want.

Only we tried to evade the responsibility of wanting.



  1. am i not in love with ur writing lady!! very well said.

  2. * Deez – Thanks 🙂

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