Ode to M

June 14, 2007

This goes out to a very special girl called M.

You were there, through everything I learnt,
You stood by me, when the fires burnt,
With me you shared your life, unasked,
Gave me a chance to talk unmasked,
Taught me to believe it’s all right to have dreams
Showed me that life is lovelier than it seems,
And when I left, you shed a tear,
I too missed not having you near,
So many secrets that were left unsaid,
And I wondered where those words would have led.
So much of you, that was still to be shared,
So much of me, that was still to be bared.
And I wondered what was the ‘Reason’
I knew it surely wasn’t a ‘Season’
And you miss me more as days go by,
And I sometimes wonder, about the ‘Why?’
Why am I not, where I belong,
Why do I sit, and write this song?
But I don’t worry and I don’t fret,
I am just gladly fortunate that we met.

Thanks for touching my life the way you did M.


One comment

  1. Hey very nice, guess all of us have been there someday

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