yummy yummy yumm yum

June 14, 2007

Only two things.
Only two things can make everyone break into a smile in the middle of a long weary boring stressful working day.

On of them is Ice Creaaaammmmmmmmmmm …..mummmmm yummmmm yummmm…

Four guys in office just treated the rest of the junta to ice cream – they got promoted.
yummy yummy yum yum.

I want to kiss the guy who invented Ice Cream.



  1. And the other thing is … ?


  2. So do I but like J.A.P am curious about the other thing…is it coming in the next round?

  3. 🙂 I think I know what the other thing is. Anyway, the first thing for me is chocolate. I’ll kiss, hug, whatever the person who invented chocolate!!!

  4. * J.A.P, S – The other thing is getting these curious comments hence proving that one can evoke a curious reaction amongst readers with such unfinished statements.


    No no I am kidding of course.

    I just dont know what the second thing is. Need to find out. Time to find out.

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