Jhoom Barabar.

June 17, 2007

Went and watched a full-on-proper-bollywood-jazz-hindi movie for the first time in the theatre yesterday for the first time.
Jhoom Barabar.
One word review for the movie: Pisssssssss.

I always read all these blogs and heard from friends who moved out to another country, another city,about how they rent out movies on the weekend.
Or how they went for this hindi movie with aquaintances and/or colleagues.

And I always wondered why the hell did I never get time to do that on weekends. I was not working on weekends.I wasnt doing anything specific on weekends.

Then why?

And now that I moved out too, to this distant country, I am doing the same thing. I know for a fact that if I was back in Mumbai, I would have never watched this movie.

Another thing that I am doing right now and I would have never done back in Mumbai was to re-watch Hitch.

But well, I am not complaining. Now I have time to watch all the movies that I always wanted to but never had time to. yipeee.


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