You and Eye

June 17, 2007

A glimpse of the future in his eyes.
In the scorching fire, his desire lies.
A wistful glance, some silent sighs.
In his liquid gaze, her resistance dies.

A guarded smile in her eyes
Caged in her fears, her desire lies
Her stolen moments in lonely sighs
In her untold secrets, his resistance dies.



  1. You are my eye
    cast was the die
    so till we die!!!!

    amazing writing!! Kudos….standing ovation….
    Keep it going rock princess!!!!

  2. There is something with us men and untold secrets.

    moments stolen, secrets untold,
    guarded smile and sighs galore,
    sometimes I resist, sometimes its you,
    Harder you try, deeper you let me in,
    More I see, the more I get to “see”,
    You and your Eye.

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