Wearing memories.

June 18, 2007

Memories come flooding back in the weirdest of places. With the weirdest of things.

The other day I was ironing my clothes. And suddenly with every garment that I picked up, at least two stories popped into my mind.

Events that had happened when I was wearing that particular garment.

Like the orange full sleeve top.
The first thing that popped into my mind was when I made A wait for me near the garden while I walked upto A in my hair all wet and askew at 6.30 p.m. on Sunday and started profusely apologizing for being late. And A looked at me so calmly and said “ Its ok. I don’t mind spending a little time with myself”
That orange T-shirt stands for so many other moments.
For an old palace. For strawberry ice cream. For dancing in the car park.

The Black collared t-shirt.
Absolute flood. For Carter Road on a rainy afternoon in August 2006. Breakfast and NCPA on August 16th discussing Shantaram.
For the only picture of D and me, that has come out nice. We almost look like a nice couple. (D would freak if I tell him this)
For the walks on a red jogging track with M. Discussing life, careers, friends. My farewell date with M.

The Green round collared t-shirt.
R gifted it to me. In Goa. In December 2005. At the end of four days of being in paradise. It said “The universe revolves around me”. The indulgent look in R’s eyes.
Sitting with D at a sunset viewing gallery in Bali. Drinking coconut water from a coconut the size of a football. The smiles faltering soon after. The disconnect.
Walking with A at carter road for the first time. The ice cream thereafter. The start of it all.

The red tshirt with the black collar.
Sitting with K at Barista. Corner table (as usual). The look in K’s eyes, like he found a diamond. The sheepish smile. The combined laugh with K on the similar histories of my red tshirt and his grey one.
Shopping for that t-shirt with M. Lifestyle in Malad. The indulgent look in M’s eyes. The smiles. The consolation “No no, you are not fat”.
The injured pout outside National college in Bandra.

The brown short sleeve t-shirt.
Laughing our heads off at Barista. K, A and I. As usual, the three mad musketeers. The guy with the weird accent. The repeated requests for pictures. The mad mad mad laughter. Shopping for that t-shirt with M. Again the request for help, “ Do I look fat?” Prat comes the practiced “No”

The short formal shirt.
The first time out with M. Meeting outside Bandra station. Movie in Bandra. The shy smiles, the wonderings in the head.

The Black wraparound skirt.
A gift from R. During our days of studying together. I want to gift you. Why? Just like that? Why? Don’t argue. Ok. Thanks. Crazy woman. Nice you look. Ok. Thanks.

The Mauve sari.
The only gift from W. The most beautiful gesture. I cant believe it. You go shopping for sarees? Yes yes, with my mom sometimes. I cannot believe it! What are you saying! I know…sissy eh? I don’t think so. No its not. It’s sensitive. A new face of the rude adorable W.

The Pink full sleeve top.
From Wills lifestyle. On that only date with A. Carter road. Bandra. Funny Funny Funny.

The Green full sleeve shirt.
On that only date with R. Again Funny Funny Funny.

Every T-shirt, shirt, to, jeans, comes loaded with so many memories.
It’s sometimes comforting to wear my own stories everyday.



  1. read thru some posts.
    u know what u have had some good ppl in ur life,
    and maybe they were luckier than u. 🙂

    wats with ginger n the mumbai girl?

    (and not putting email deletes the comment..so it took me 2 times and lots of patience)

  2. true. memories are the masters of guerilla warfare.

  3. and you remember them all…

  4. not to sound to cliched, you seem to be really lucky, so many memories and so many people.

  5. * Lethaldose, Rambler and S – I did. I did know some of the most amazing people in my life. And I continue to be with all of them, in some little corner of myself. And memories are easy to treasure if you have been really really happy in them.

    * t – Yep. You are so right. 🙂 Only you could put the point that way 🙂

  6. omg! Feel exactly the same way. I too have complete memories attached to almost every piece of clothing I own.

    It’s a bit daunting though, sometimes the memories are so strong I can’t bring myself to even think of wearing certain things again.

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