Shahani Mulgi

June 25, 2007

11.18 a.m.
I change my gtalk line to “is a shahani mulgi”.
So my gtalk reads – “Ginger Girl – is a shahani mulgi”

1.16 p.m.
Lunch time. Starved. Waiting for the lunch to arrive.

Have ordered for two people. K and me.
K walks out of his room. Heads straight towards me.

He (Hurriedly) : Have you ordered?
Me (absorbed in an excel sheet):Yes.
He: Wat have you called for?
Me: (Not looking up) Chicken.
He: You called for shahani mulgi?
Me (fingers stop typing) : eh?
He: Your gtalk says shahani mulgi.
Me (stumped) : err….
He: Isnt that what you have ordered for?
Me: umm…err….
He (curiously): What?
Me (taking a deep breath): K, what does shahani mulgi mean?
He (Shrugging): I don’t know!
Me (Deeper breath): Take a guess. What do “you” think it means?
He (Larger shrug): No clue.
Me (Sucking all the oxygen in the room): Then why did you ask.
He (Alarmed):Sounds like chicken
Me (Cant help grinning): Like Shahi Murgi or something?
He (sheepishly) :Yes
Me (Exhaling) : Why will I say I am a variety of Chicken?
He (sheepishly) : Err…I don’t know.

“Shahani mulgi” means “Nice girl”.


To dramatize his ignorance K goes and changes his gtalk line to “shoot me….crucify me… for i dint know what Shahani Mulgi is!!!!”



  1. yeah yeah….

    I need to be CRUCIFIED for this!!

  2. copycat

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