Break !

June 26, 2007

Prepositions can make such a hell of a difference in the life of that one verb “Break”.

Let’s break down – like go insane, have a nervous breakdown, rattle our brains and announce that we cant work anymore. Hmm..long vacation due?

Let’s break out – like break free, run as much as you want, shout, scream, do as you please, show the world the finger, be the kings and queens of your own desire. In our minds, we do it everyday?

Let’s break in – Like break into the vault of some superrich dude and run away with all that money, break into a bank and run away with all the super rich dudes’ vaults. We could all do with some extra money right?

Let’s break up – Like, listen I have had enough of you and I cant stand any more of you. So bye bye, I break up with you and don’t want to ‘stay friends with you’ and I will chill out now. Time to go bar – hopping again?

Cool thing is, all of these finally succeed in giving you that much needed Break (the noun :D)



  1. ginger is good. like the blog.

  2. How creative!…ummm, I have been missing my ginger cookies for a while…

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