Will I ever?

June 26, 2007

And sometimes I wonder, will I ever hold your hand again.

Will I ever look into your eyes again and see what you are not saying.

Will I ever see that familiar strut at the end of the street and know it’s you without seeing you.
Will I ever listen to the phone ring inside my bag, knowing it’s you calling,

Will I ever again, wait for you to ask, knowing you will not, yet hope against what I know.

Will I ever again smile the smile that you didn’t see, while you lifted my bag as we walked out of the restaurant, opened the door for me when we walked in and ordered for both of us.

Will I ever sit with you again on the sand and look out at the sea and not talk the entire evening knowing it’s not necessary.
Will I ever again shiver thinking that you are touching me, when you were actually leaning to take the pillow from behind me.

Will I ever be taken out for a cup of cutting chai again.
Will I ever take you out for a cup of cutting chai again.

Will I ever be dropped home, freezing in an auto rickshaw on a cold winter night.
Will I ever pose for funny pictures again, which you click and we laugh at them?

Will I ever call her again to talk about you?

Will I ever hold you again?



  1. I so want to say you will

  2. So do I Ginger Girl…I mean say that you will…

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