June 27, 2007

The whiners.

I cant stand them.
They get on my bleedy nerves.
Make me feel, like I have only one nerve left and they are dancing on it.

Uff…. I know this is not going to happen!
Oh god, what do I do?
Oh ma…… oh goddd..ohh noooo,

Eeee aaa oooo..

I feel like shouting “FUCK YOU!!!!”

They are tired, bored, jaded, uninterested, sleepy, drained, worn-out, exhausted all the time.
Nothing is interesting, exciting, motivating, appealing, remarkable.
Everything is hmmm….all right, same old shit.

Obviously life sucks for you! Coz YOU ARE SUCKING IT BACK!!!!

I cant even tell them “Go fly a goddamn kite!” coz they will probably come back and whine about how the kite didn’t fly because the wind wasn’t right and the paper wasn’t too good and the thread stung their palms.

Whiners !!!!!


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