Consolation Prizes

July 1, 2007

I hate consolation prizes. They are a big fucking insult.
“Ok honey, so you are not good enough to win the game, but we will still give you a prize to try and make you feel better (pity, pity)”

What the hell!

I either win or I lose.

If I win, great!

If I lose, shit!
Either, I try harder next time, or I say fuck it; I don’t want what I didn’t deserve the first time.

Life doesn’t give any consolation prizes.



  1. i think its a way of kindling hope…

  2. Like someone said, “if winning is not everything, why do they keep scores”. But the will to win and fight is definitely everything 🙂

  3. It is just that a consolation…and you are so right, life mostly, has none of that…until and unless one cooks up some for ownself

  4. * Manuscrypts – Well…guess that depends on who is getting the consolation

    * Shubho – 🙂

    * S – I am tired of all those rationalisations. All I say is F&^* it. 🙂

  5. -Life doesn’t give any consolation prizes-

    Oh, I don’t know…there’s always in-laws.

  6. Don’t accept them. You have a choice.

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