July 5, 2007

The only thing that’s as irritating as unfinished sentences is…



  1. I can give you a link about an unfinished thing which irritates me more 😉

  2. the scratching of a fork on a plate
    people who start off saying, you know what… and then say, nothing.

  3. Had to drop in a note to say that your posts are shooting out faster than I can devour them. And what top-notch ones too!

    Also…a coupla tips, if you sign into WordPress before commenting on other WordPress accounts, you’ll be able to keep track of your comment history. And your profile pic will also show in the comments section.

  4. …receiving a comment from a stranger who asks- What kinda cookies are you offering with the ginger ale! I was asked to read your blog by the above commentator.

  5. Aaah. Drats. I see ‘Ginger cookies’ on the side now. Hmmm…Well, what are we drinkin’ then?

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