Paradox of Matrimony

July 23, 2007

And I logged in into gtalk….. broke into a smile on seeing him online (I missed him..not seeing him for so many months!) and instantly said a hi! (just that…one hi!)

And he blasted….

tu bata
the world is filled with hypocrites
and there is never a true love
man as a creature chooses to be unhappy by choice
choice fuckin spoils him
hence i will only get married to the girl my mom finds for me cuz then i wont have a choice
i will blindly let my self believe she is choosing the best chick out there
and i agree here to I am making a choice which i knw i
will regret but i have negated the paradox of choice by not choosing and thus put the burden of suffering it on my folks
what a load of crap
i can finally breathe

I love you dude!



  1. Have to say awesome theory he has.

  2. awww
    so cute

  3. Most men…escapists…and for the folks it is the last vestige of ‘control’ and ‘power’ they are left with, in the child’s life!

  4. * Rambler – umm…. Ok k k k…I just think he is crazy 🙂

    * Ailya – I know!

    * Another Woman – lol….how typical!

  5. If he thinks his mom will choose a ‘chick’ he may have another thing coming, no?

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