July 25, 2007

Damn! His favorite three shirts. Stained with a nasty brown. Huge messy patches of the color on the sleeves and the back.
Damn! Damn! Damn!

Its her new capris. She remembers carelessly tossing them into the machine after the party with the rest of the clothes.

‘I am so sorry. I am really really sorry. I am such a jerk! I know I should not put new clothes in with the rest of the clothes before checking them for running color.
I am so sorry!’

‘Its all right babes…. Its ok’
No..its not…I just ruined your best three shirts!
‘Yep…its ok..just dont do it again, all right?’
‘Yep..sorry. am so sorry’

‘I will make up for it. I will. I will’ she promises herself.

Two new shirts. Chosen after one hour of trepidation.

Do you have this exact shade of orange?
Sorry Mam..not available.

Shop 1, 2, 3…..6, 7. Sorry Mam..not available.

Ok…this is a nice orange shirt. And this one with the grey and yellow lines looks smart.
Will he like them? Are they his size? Will they suit him? What if he doesn’t like the color or the print?
She hasn’t been shopping out for him before. It’s the first time she is buying something for him. Hope he likes it.

Is this cotton? Will it be comfortable.
Will you take it back if he wants to exchange it? How many days? Ok….thanks…

Fingers crossed.
Hope he likes them…hope he likes them.

He walks in. She looks at him at a smile lights up her face.

Hey… listen I am sorry about those shirts.
Hey its all right… just forget it OK?
No…. I cant ….so….I went and got you this!

She smiles hopefully. Gives him the bag. Crosses her fingers as she hands them over. He doesn’t see that.

He looks and shrugs. ‘I didn’t want compensation. Would have preferred a gift’ he says.



  1. tough to please 🙂

  2. Sad this! If I were her, I’d not bother if I messed up his shirts again. OR better still, I’d buy some more capris 😀

  3. * Rambler – Kind of..aint it?

    * Melody – Now THAT’s what I call an excellent idea! 😀

  4. I read this post and smiled to my self
    and then re-read it and mused!

    later I showed this to my husband…someone who is least interested in blogging or reading blogs but shows interest when I show him interesting stuff..
    he read this one…a smile…a kiss

    somewhat 99% exact same thing happened to us…
    thanks ginger for putting my feelings so beautifully in your words

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