August 2, 2007

Back home – my most worrisome thoughts with the weekend approaching was – Where the hell will the party be this Friday, what do they serve and what do I wear and which friend do I go with?

Now away from home in an alien country which has this strange concept of working on Sundays, where I have to my own laundry and my own cooking the biggest question that looms in front of me every – Is there milk in the fridge for tea in the morning and is there anything to wear on Friday evening and is there anyone to meet?

Damn! I feel like I am turning into an old spinster woman with 17 cats who sleeps with a hot water bottle and her favorite pastime is washing and drying her clothes 6 times a day.



  1. 17 cats and a hot water bottle, hilarious.
    Guess we always find the importance of a thing, when its away ..

  2. hahahahaha………in my own country, my life isn’t any different from yours in the alien country just that I still dont work on sundays!

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