Hello Homer

August 5, 2007


He drives nails through his finger everytime he is nailing boards onto the roof. He throws his son off the roof and is a perfect slob when it comes to lying at home watching TV.
He lives with a Pig who shits like there is no tomorrow and then goes and dumps all that shit into the one lake his daughter is trying to save.
He then goes bizarre by running off to alaska and comes back to save his town from the bomb.


My first date with Homer was a roller coaster twisted around sixty eight times. I know its late, but well….. Homer isnt going anywhere, so its all right.

You HAVE to go for the crazy crazy movie which starts off by telling you that you are such a ridiculous fool to pay to watch something you anyways get to watch for free.. Audacious, I tell ya….


One comment

  1. I will…seems interesting or is it that you made it sound more than it is 🙂

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