Mission Floyd

August 5, 2007

So, P and me were sitting and thinking (which we tend/pretend to do quite often) and we just realized we dont have even one passion. Neither of us!

Not one passion that defines us, gives us a name other than the one our parents gave us, one space that we can call our own, one activity that we can claim to know everything about, one identity besides the one everyone knows us by.

How sad are we.

Anyways, so now we are one this trip of deciding on one topic/activity/something and then knowing everything there is to know about it. So now we both found one little thing for each of us to do.

P will go and take up some serious photography, start using is sexy digital SLR (which has been wasting away in its sexy leather case) and create a online gallery while in two weeks time I am supposed to know everything there is to know about Pink Floyd.


So well…one little bit of trivia on Pink Floyd from me.

Pink Floyd got their name from two blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.

And whatever Dreamcatcher says – I still am in love with David .


One comment

  1. Ohh! Two weeks? Aren’t we a little ambitious? 🙂 Some more trivia here. PF were among the first prog rock bands to use ‘space age’ sounds using Moog analog, an equipment that has assumed cult status since then. In fact, a later tribute to PF by another prog rock band was a song called “Dark Side of the Moog”…

    Buzz me if you need any help on that pet project! And me love David too..and Roger?…well Roger will be numero uno, always 🙂

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