Discovered six weekends back.

August 6, 2007

I am really really really good at Table Tennis.

I would have easily become a champ if I had started playing when I was younger and then really followed it well.
Instead I did exactly what I should not have done. Grrrrr…..



  1. You are a godess and a total idol when it comes to blogging, 9 posts in 1 day!!!!
    I got to learn.. 🙂

  2. Friggin’ HILARIOUS!!!!

    I lol-ed so totally at this. Have you seen the Asian Table Tennis Champs, they’re like flying monkeys…


  3. i should start practicing huh?

  4. * Rambler – I have attacks sometimes. 🙂 Bows.

    * Melody – I was serious!!!! Hilarious she calls it !!! Hmph.

    * Someone (He) – You can win with me without practicing. Dont worry monseuir.

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