I will anyways write

August 6, 2007

He wrote and posted for his own sake,
An identity, neither true nor a fake
An aching episode in a masked story
An ideal proclaimed in its own glory
He wrote with his own unknown intention
Neither for memory nor anyone’s retention
Composed on his own individual belief
Sometimes just as a break or relief
Sometimes just his own little point of view
An idea that spurted in his mind and grew
Based in his own thoughts and situations
Open to everyone’s subjective interpretations
Now if she read it and she thought
That to tell her something, he actually sought
Without him asking her to read it
She read and identified, because it nicely fit
With what she wanted. Drew her own conclusions
Decided to live under her own delusions
Went ahead and altered her life
Caused some heartache and no less strife
And he stopped writing, went about feeling guilty
I ask you, is it his responsibility?
And that left him with a bitter taste
Feeling that posting on the net, was a waste
On ambiguous posts like the one you are reading, there should be a block.
No one should be allowed to generally blog
About things that can be interpreted in another way
Only things that are specific should be allowed to say
A post open to meanings is a dangerous game
What was written and understood may not be the same
And in that exactly is what I see the mystery
Of different imaginations coloring history
In their own different worlds they fit the word
And for once, each one thinks for his own and not as a herd
And there goes on this pro-and-against blog fight
And while it goes on, on this blog, I will anyways write



  1. Standing Ovation. Clap! clap! clap! clap! clap!

  2. wondering! who you might be talking about…

  3. Simply loved this one! well written!

  4. One word –

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