August 7, 2007

He convinced himself
she would never reply
Probably read his mail
and close it with a sigh.
So he went and pretended
to squander his heart
In their masked charades
he played his part
Pretending love was
always an easy game
The lines to be used
were always the same
But somewhere deep
he hid her image
Fading neither with time
nor with age
Believing someday
he would meet her again
Feel her warmth
after years of cold wet rain



  1. First he was a victim of inhibition. Now he will be a victim of delusion. How unfortunate!!

    Hope is an antidote to Reality. But reality, sooner or later, never fails to show its ugly face.

  2. but delusion is such a pretty game.
    loved what you wrote, gingergirl

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