Meaning of Meaning.

August 12, 2007

After a long tiring day at work… in one of those dull-momentary-lapse-of-energy-I-cannot-work-anymore-Lemmegoyoualldickheads-phewwww moments I looked at R and A who sit behind me and genereally mused “Do you guys think there is any meaning in what we are doing? Do you think there is any meaning to our lives?” with all the existensial angst I could possibly muster.

R, drowning in a days work of factor analysis, regression co-efficients and multivariate correlations, staring at the screen with unblinking red eyes, had not even registered what I said,when her tongue shot out ” Meaning? What is that? What is the meaning of meaning?”


She didnt see the irony in that statement. Poor R. I think she is dying.



  1. And what about you? How are you doing?

  2. when there are so many corelations & regressions going on ofcourse meaning wld get lost 🙂

  3. Ginger….
    are u a market researcher???? In which case omigawd!!!
    (me too)

    Also that in that case i understand, and offer my sympathies. Actually, those in any case.

    And hey i tried to change my settings… see if its any easier now. And incicdentally, commenting on your blog means typing in name, e-mail id, and website. same same!! !:-/

  4. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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