Yeh chinese mast hai !

August 12, 2007

Saturday evening, in a techie mall which sells Laptops, mobiles, PDAs, MP3 Players and all other existing electronic gadgets:

Me: iPod hai?
He: Haan hain.
Me: Kitna?
He: Original?
Me: Haan.
He (with a flourish): 1 GB – 450, 2 GB – 550, 4 GB – 700, 8 GB – 900. Sab MP3 players hain. Isme video nahi chalta…sirf gaana.
Me: (spotting a garish shiny bright magenta pink iPod on the shelf … complete with the iPod plastic box, screen, dial, the Apple logo and the iPod branding..and shocked at the garish horrendous shade of shiny bright magenta pink)… woh dikhayenge?
He (handing me the piece): Yeh? Yeh copy hai.
Me (quizzical expression on my face): Matlab?
He: Original nahi hai.
Me: Matlab prototype hai na? Box hai na sirf? Theek hai. Dikhao.
He: Nahi nahi…. yeh copy hai.
Me: Matlab?
He (frowning slightly at my apparent stupidity)– Chinese maal.
Me: Matlab?
He (frowing more): Matlab China se aaya hai. Copy hain.
Me (Suddenly the little tube light inside my head lighting up) – Oh..matlab fraud hai?
He (Chest puffing out, looking like I made him swallow a raw live mosquito) – Copy hai.
Me: Matlab wohi , fraud hai na?
He (incensed): Nahi Copy hai. Jyada features hai.
Me: Kya?
He: (with the air of a guy spreading out Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa before me) : Screen Bada hai. Video Chalta hai. In built Speakers hai. FM station bhi chalta hai. Yeh sab iPod ke is version main nahi aata.
Me (wonderstruck): Accha? Kitna?
He: 2 GB – 120.
Me: What????
He (with an almost pitiful expression): 120.
Me: 2 GB iPod kitna tha?
He: 525.
Me: Itna farak?
He (Smirking): Haan. Who Chinese maal sab ekdum aise hi milega aapko. Ekdum budget main fit aur original se jyada features hote hain. Aur ekdum fit chalta hai. Yeh chinese mast hai !



  1. hilarious!

  2. did you buy it

  3. LOL!!
    firstly wow!!!
    2ndly, my knowledge of indian language is still passable enough to grasp this?!!!
    *beams a big smile*
    hilarious – feels like i peeked into a bollywood movie!

  4. i just wish that mp3 players could also have some 10 band equalizers and bass boost functions-,’

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