Pitt-er Truth

August 19, 2007

So K turns 26 and has succesfully maintained her single status for 26 long years. On her budday…


K…i hope til now being in the big US of A you have hooked up with at least 1 australian + 1 british + 1 german + 1 chinese + 1 latin guy.
If you havent shame on you and go get one for your happy budday as my budday gift to you




K …kaisi hai….tera track record ladko ke bare main same hai na….good!!!
u havnt dissappointed us,even after goin to US….n dnt worry prince charming in rite thr in the corner,will walk in at the rite time!!!u just hang in thr,dnt change(stop listening to M’s advices,she was never good at them)…
n all the best!!




K….that prince charming is a fairy tale. I am telling you. I am dispensing free advise….like baz luhermaan said in his sunscreen speech ….. A is only being nice to you..I am telling you the truth…..noone comes along riding a white horse and looking like brad pitt….. those who have horses and look like pitt and already busy laying all the angelina jolie lookalikes with those sexy legs, all over the world. I maybe sounding like scrooge’s mother or something but I swear ..I am not lying.

Now THATS the wisest piece of wisdom I have heard in ages.


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