Dear Struggle,

August 21, 2007

Dear Struggle,

You, are always there with me.

People walk in and then they walk out. Times, money, places, opportunities, happiness, youth, sadness all come and go.

But you? No. You will never walk out on me. I know. You are like my shadow, my closest ally, my most known feeling. You are always there for me, aint you?

With you I am something. Without you, nothing. You define me, complete me. You have grown on me, and now I have actually started liking you.

So stay.

Sometimes, I may fight with you. Ask you to leave. Go away. But I know you will come back. After all, you too cant live without me.

If it wasnt for you, there would be just existence. The wins over you are what give me happiness, joy and ecstasy. So thank you.




  1. looks like a fellow struggler 🙂

  2. You will miss it when it is gone… Why do you think perfectly comfortable, well-off, educated, white-collar professional people do drugs? They cannot stand the perfection in their life and its monochrome monotony so they seek to haze it purple…

  3. Its funny how one day your life seems picture perfect in spite of the shortcomings and problems and the next day,it becomes all about the shortcomings and problems!
    Its all in the mind I guess..you are always struggling to get what you don’t have..irrespective of how (un)important it is!

  4. brilliant. love the take. very well put…

  5. Without a struggle, life gets boring – the monotony kills… So, dont let it go away…

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