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Meaning of Meaning.

August 12, 2007

After a long tiring day at work… in one of those dull-momentary-lapse-of-energy-I-cannot-work-anymore-Lemmegoyoualldickheads-phewwww moments I looked at R and A who sit behind me and genereally mused “Do you guys think there is any meaning in what we are doing? Do you think there is any meaning to our lives?” with all the existensial angst I could possibly muster.

R, drowning in a days work of factor analysis, regression co-efficients and multivariate correlations, staring at the screen with unblinking red eyes, had not even registered what I said,when her tongue shot out ” Meaning? What is that? What is the meaning of meaning?”


She didnt see the irony in that statement. Poor R. I think she is dying.



August 12, 2007

😦 And the drinking and dancing did not happen 😦

Fell sick on the d-day…spent a small fortune to just go to the mall some half-a-country across and all I did was to buy tablets from the pharmacy there and puke in the small cramped loo and head back home.

grumpy…grrr grrr….

but well….there is always the next weekend….


sunday morning blues

August 12, 2007

ho hum..
dum dum…
sunday morning work
can suck.
i dont wanta be in office
can i go home and sleep please.
blues leading to a bad verse
thats ginger’s sunday curse.
ho hum..
dum dum



August 2, 2007

Back home – my most worrisome thoughts with the weekend approaching was – Where the hell will the party be this Friday, what do they serve and what do I wear and which friend do I go with?

Now away from home in an alien country which has this strange concept of working on Sundays, where I have to my own laundry and my own cooking the biggest question that looms in front of me every – Is there milk in the fridge for tea in the morning and is there anything to wear on Friday evening and is there anyone to meet?

Damn! I feel like I am turning into an old spinster woman with 17 cats who sleeps with a hot water bottle and her favorite pastime is washing and drying her clothes 6 times a day.


I wanta sleeeeeppp

July 26, 2007

every 10 minutes I am falling off my chair ….nodding off to sleep….

I cannot pretend to work any more………..aaaaaaa

I wanta sleeeepppppp.


Weekend Work

July 13, 2007

Working on Weekends is bad for health.

I am severly ill


Wrong side of the bed.

June 28, 2007

1: Today, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

2: At least you had a right side. All sides of my bed are wrong.

3: Shaddup you both. At least you both woke up. I am still asleep. That too on one of the wrong sides. Dont know and dont care which one.

4: You guys are lucky. Only wrong sides. I woke up in the wrong bed.