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Wisps of Smoke

August 14, 2007

Sometimes you just dissipate and simply fade away
‘Just thinking something else’ is all you say,
Sometimes you are just increasingly dense,
And when asked, you just call yourself intense.

Around me, yet I can’t touch, you are still but wisps of smoke
Smoldering away inside you and me, the ashes of our love choke.


In the end…

August 7, 2007

I missed you.
I miss you too.
You still don’t listen.
You have stopped listening.
Doesn’t matter.
Doesn’t matter?
Didn’t matter!
Does matter.
To you.
To you too.
You wish!
I do.
It doesn’t
It does.
Not anymore.
But not any less.
Always late
I thought you would wait.
I didn’t.
I wish you had



July 25, 2007

He kept saying he loved her. She never believed him. She was afraid to. She would smile at him and then shyly look away at some strangers face.

‘Perhaps searching for something that I am not’, he thought.

Then one day she wasn’t afraid any more. That was the day he left without a trace.


(Non?) Fiction no more

July 22, 2007

He wrote through his different Alter Egos.

Quoted Garden State, masqueraded as the smoker boy, proclaimed himself to be a fan of Jack. Daniels of course.

He sang like Rafferty, read Vikram Seth and played with forty four words.

She wrote about him and waited for his clues.

After all he was a man-who-scrypted stories.


Alter Ego

July 22, 2007

She wrote. He commented.
She read and smiled. Visited his page.
She commented.
He read and smiled.

They watched. They smiled too. They read something more than the posts.
An unwritten story.

Unknown to them, she saw their glee and smirked. Weaving stories was never this easy!

After all, he was here in her fingers.



July 16, 2007

Reading the third page she smiled.

Years back, she remembered writing those lines. For him.

A lazy flick of her hand and the ashes stained the page. Like her memories now staining the dedications in his book.

To his wife. Using her words.

Slowly, she turned to the author’s note. ‘My husband’, she thought happily.



July 11, 2007

We can’t do this!


No! She’s my best friend and your fiancé!

Just once please

If she hears, she will kill us both!

She won’t guess

It’s unfair to her!

What about our feelings?
It’s her diet and we aren’t allowed sweets! It’s unfair to us! Let’s go get Pastries. Just this once please.