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Sepia Snaps

August 26, 2007

There is something about Sepia Snaps that makes me cry.


Giant Robot, I still love you

May 28, 2007

Its funny how memories run along like a movie in front of my eyes, flashes of scenes so sharp and so vivid, that run along the checkered patterns of a non-spectacular childhood spent in a non-spectacular neighborhood of a bursting, polluted city.

– Six p.m. every Tuesday evening (or was it Thursday? The years have blocked out the days of the week). Time to watch Giant Robot. Time to eat Maggi chicken noodles. Start cooking the 2-minute noodles at 5.50 p.m. so that they are nice and hot and ready by 6.00. six to six thirty – a half hour where the world was ready to be destroyed by some nasty technological villain only to be saved my beloved metal man. Every week!

– Afternoon three p.m. By the Power of the Grey Skull!!!! HEMAAAANNN! Who can forget that war cry? The way we all admired the semi clad Teela and wished for figures like that when we grew up (which we hoped would be soon!). The rush when He-Maaaan triumphed over Skeletor again. My He-Maan

– And oh Vikram and Betaal! And that haunting tune…..

– 12.27 p.m. School bell rings. Phew! Time to run home. The minute the class is released, running to the bus to catch a window seat. Spreading yourself out on the seat to reserve a place for your closest friend who can’t run as fast as you. Fighting over the window seat with her.

– Keeping accounts with her. Hey you owe me 25 paise for the imli that we bought that day outside school. And listen I owe you 50 paise for the bus ticket. So totally I owe you 25 paise. I wonder if they even make those coins now!

– The evening when someone threw an apti bomb on my brothers head! I was so shit scared. The poor guy had blood all over his scalp.

– The evening when K fought with A and me. Over a silly fight that happened on one silly evening. We didn’t talk for 5 years after that! Seems so silly. That fight. K crying. Me and A staring at her.

– The day my tenth standard results were announced. Standing in the window. Waiting for what, I don’t know. K walks by with her mom. Our eyes meet. First awkward acknowledgements after five years. Hi. How did it go? Good. How much did you score? Oh, even I scored that much. Congratulations. You too. Commerce or Science? Commerce mostly. And you. Not decided yet. But mostly Commerce.

– Dying for the Hindi Orchestra during Ganpati days. When the Idol used to be placed in the ground behind my building and five days of pure fun. Of meeting and staying out at night (which then was such a rare phenomenon..ten was actually late!)

– Playing lagori in the ground….. And inventing our own games. Yo!, Statue-Statue, Hills, Trees, Colour Colour.

– Days of playing dabba-ice-spice, red letter A, stop- stop, chor-police.

– Hiding in the building tank closure to change t-shirts so that the denner wouldn’t know who he was catching in stop-stop.

Loads of other things that I am getting bored to type.


Pan Parag and the rest of them

May 28, 2007

With Famous five could not help recollecting all these ads that used to run on Doordarshan (Yes! I actually remember watching DD for sometime….) remember some of them, exact-words-by-exact-words. Wonder how. When I cannot recollect a single ad that I have seen in the last seven years.

o Yeh Bechara..Kaam ke bojh ka maara! Ise chahiye Hamdard Ka tonic Cinkara! ( And the guy breaks the wall and jumps out with his tie flying all over and papers flying here and there)

o Jab main chota baccha tha, badi shararat karta tha. Meri chori pakdi jaatiiiiiiii. Jab roshan hota bajaj!
Ab main bilkul boodha hoon. Goli Khakar Jeeta hoon. Phir bhi aaj ghar ke andarrrrrrrr roshan hota bajaj! (used to always play in the break in the middle of this ghost serial)

o Hum aapse ek baat kehna to bhool hi gaye.
(??? – shocked ashok kumar… dhaan dhaan shocked music.)
Ghabraiye nahi, Hamein kuch nahin chahiye. Bus ye chahate hain ki baratiyon ka swagat paan parag se kiya jaaye.
Oh ho! Pan Parag! Humain kya pata aap bhi paan parag ke shaukin hai!
Pan Parag Paan masala Paan parag. Turraaarara rum.

o Bhaisaab ! ..cant remember the rest of the Surf Ad with the famous Lalita ji. (Didn’t know, decades later would end up working for that brand!)

I have a sudden urge to watch all these ads….


Ice Cream

May 20, 2007

Can I go back to being five again?
Life’s most complex problem then was “Which Ice cream flavour do I have today?”


(…….errr come to think of it, it still remains of the most complex problems…but that’s not the point here.)


Just don’t know when…

May 15, 2007

And I will come back.
I know.
I just dont know when.
But I know I will.

And then I will meet you.
As I met you a million times before.
Once again.

And I will wet my feet in the same sea.

And embrace you like I always have.
Just dont know when.




April 29, 2007

Was reminiscing about good old Mumbai yesterday.
The Traffic, the Local Trains, the maddening crowds, the pushing, shoving, running, sweating hordes, The Heat and Humidity, The Mad life force of the city.

Spoke to him yesterday.

Asked him how Mumbai was.
He smiled and said its all right. The same.
I asked him if the traffic was as bad?
He sighed and said…yeah still as bad, actually worse.
I asked him if he still drove down everyday in his car to work, like he always did.
He smirked and said “Of course! What kind of question is that? Naturally!”
I asked him if it was still as hot, sweaty, humid and generally maddening in Mumbai. Were the crowds as bad?
Now he got a little irked…of course! How much can change over two weeks?

I smiled to myself. He did not hear it over the phone.

It’s sometimes nice to ask obvious questions to hear the answers you want to listen to.

It was just nice to know that in some part of the world, reality was untouched.
That in my city, things were still the same. That if I went back today, I would feel like coming home.


Back to Unreality

December 21, 2006

The wind lashed against my face. A yellow neon blur dimmed and brightened alternately outside the metal frame of the window. The long forgotten yet familiar drone of vehicle honks, piled up traffic on a busy street and cars whizzing by stirred distant memories.
The brightly lit up signboards, familiar signs,known names and faint recollections of memories associated with each of them flew past me.

Three years.Thats the amount of time,after which I met her.Her a smile hadn’t changed much.Still the lost funny look in her eyes.Still the loud hearty laugh.But it was a different person.Gone were the prejudices and strong opinions about whats right and whats wrong.These were replaced by an acceptance of other people’s lifestyles,ideas,outlooks.An acceptance that even though someone does not agree with your views, they are not wrong.

Its ironic.
Ten minutes is the road distance between the six of us.It took three years and three days of her coming back for the rest of us to meet each other.Funny how we so completely ignore those that are close till they leave.Once they are not with us,we keep hoping they will be back someday.It takes someone to come back from across seven seas to culminate into I meeting someone who stays a stones throw away.

But guess thats facts.Thats reality.Her coming back,meeting them for dinner and then the much loved customary drive through the well known lanes of our homes before we aid good-bye… I loved every minute of being back to the Unreality where i belong,where I lived and wherein my past sleeps.