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Mission Floyd

August 5, 2007

So, P and me were sitting and thinking (which we tend/pretend to do quite often) and we just realized we dont have even one passion. Neither of us!

Not one passion that defines us, gives us a name other than the one our parents gave us, one space that we can call our own, one activity that we can claim to know everything about, one identity besides the one everyone knows us by.

How sad are we.

Anyways, so now we are one this trip of deciding on one topic/activity/something and then knowing everything there is to know about it. So now we both found one little thing for each of us to do.

P will go and take up some serious photography, start using is sexy digital SLR (which has been wasting away in its sexy leather case) and create a online gallery while in two weeks time I am supposed to know everything there is to know about Pink Floyd.


So well…one little bit of trivia on Pink Floyd from me.

Pink Floyd got their name from two blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council.

And whatever Dreamcatcher says – I still am in love with David .


I’m Free… Free Falling into nothing

July 8, 2007


Ginger Girl ticks off one more item from her list of things to do before she dies.

This weekend, Ginger rejected sitting inside walls,
Ginger went up into the sky and had a great fall

From 9000 ft.

Let me attempt to describe this. No amount of imagination can prepare you for what you experience there.

Words are not enough to understand what you have no time to feel when you are mid air.

You tumble out of the plane into nothingness.
There are no defined lines – you don’t know where the sky starts or earth ends.
Everything is one blur – it’s the color of noise.
You are hurtling towards the earth and you see desert and sea everywhere below you
The air pressure pulls the skin back from your face and roars in your ears…..
You cannot breathe for those seconds of free fall.
It lasts for 30 seconds, feels like 30 years.

You cannot believe that you are actually crazy enough to do this. Jump out of a plane.

Then when it’s over, you look back at the sky and promise yourself you will do this again.


(Yep…thats the plane my Dive Master and I jumped out of.)



June 19, 2007


Thats what I intend to get carved on my waist. This is just the beginning.

This is one among the list of things on my life’s wishlist. Things that I have to do before I die.