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Do and Dont do.

March 29, 2007

I love you so much for all the things that you say and do.
But sometimes…just sometimes I love you so much more for all those things that you don’t say…or don’t do.



March 29, 2007

The only reason I allow myself to be mad at you is because I am mad about you.



March 9, 2007

Love-Spazsim Chasm
Anti-love – Spazsim Chasm

Love of another kindSomeonearbit

She tries to breathe through the smoke. Another chicken burnt to the bones.
Damn! But she knows, he wont mind.

She opens the door for him to walk in.
He comes in and lays his head in her lap. Looks at her adoringly as she lays out the chicken.

Sniffing it, he wags his tail

Distant Love – Spazsim Chasm

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March 9, 2007

“ I love you” (Does she believe me anymore?)
“ I love you too.” (He thinks I still believe him)
“ I have missed you” (I wonder if she missed me)
“ I have missed you too.” (I wish I could still believe him)



March 9, 2007

Lies X

“Hello. its me. I wont be able to make it to work today. Feeling a little feverish, and will be sleeping all day. My phone might be switched off.” Click. That was easy.

Then he straightens his tie, picks up the folder, checks his CV for the last time and steps out of his door.

Lies XII

Just out of a meeting, she rushes back to check the next 55 fun story that must have been posted.

On her desk she stares at the long to-do list in her planner. Thinks of the post-lunch deadline.

Smirking, closes the planner, opens the word document and starts her response to lies XI – non fiction.


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March 8, 2007

Liberation I- Wiseling

Liberation IISomeonearbit

Walking into his room, the first thing he noticed was the cigarette. Stubbed exactly in the middle of the square ashtray. The familiar smear of maroon lipstick. He could still smell the now dissolved smoke rings.
With a wry smile he thought of the letters now lying under her door.
Exactly eighty nine steps away.



March 8, 2007

Maybe – Spazsim Chasm

Maybe II Someonearbit

Everyday I would pretend to be annoyed when she asked me her pet question.
I loved the way she stroked me while asking the question.
Everyday I annoyed her by saying “No”
Then one day I replied “Maybe”
She never asked the question after that. I still wait.
Wonder if I said the wrong thing!