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In the end…

August 7, 2007

I missed you.
I miss you too.
You still don’t listen.
You have stopped listening.
Doesn’t matter.
Doesn’t matter?
Didn’t matter!
Does matter.
To you.
To you too.
You wish!
I do.
It doesn’t
It does.
Not anymore.
But not any less.
Always late
I thought you would wait.
I didn’t.
I wish you had


You wish I was

June 26, 2007

I am less complicated than you think I am but not as simple as you wish I was.

Even if you were half as simple as you say you are, you would still be more complicated than I wish you were.

That would be too simple for my taste and still be too complicated for yours.

A simpler you would be easier to understand.

But maybe my complications are my defense. And also my weapon.

A defense against what? And a weapon against what?

That’s for you to figure out. If I told you everything, I would not stay complicated.



June 17, 2007 do I explain this. I cant.
Rubbish. I dont believe it. You dont suffer from articulation problems. If you said you have framed the thought in your mind I can understand. But if you saying that you are clear about what you want to say but are short of words, I dont believe it.If you dont want to, just say that!
Haha. There you go. Hence proved. Yeah we are both the masters of articulation!
Umm… well masters and all I dont know. But we definitely dont lack the skills.
There..there you go again.
Yes I know I did.



June 17, 2007

So, do you have doubts about my ambiguity?
No I don’t.
I am ambiguous? Tell me where was I ambiguous?
I said I didn’t have any doubts. I know you are not.
I am not what?
You are not ambiguous.
Why do you give such ambiguous answers?
Because I don’t have any doubts about my ambiguity.
You mean you are or you are not?
I thought you were not ambiguous!



May 17, 2007

Don’t ask me why…..
But these are the type of obtuse conversations I have ….almost everyday. I dont know why but most of them end with a ‘Hmmm…’

He: Hi. What happened? Didn’t like the new city?
Me: Not hai. just main pak gayi. mujhe mumbai chahiye. pani puri chahiye. juhu beach + prithvi chahiye
He: hehe. so u quit?
Me: no no. not yet
He: I thought u were happy to get away
Me: I was. I never denied. I am just tired of being happy. Now i want to be sad
He: strange
Me: hmm..Not really…..

He: where do u get the photographs for ur blog..they r v interesting
Me: have u hear of a website called
He: google….gooooggglleeeee…i guess i hv. is it the one that was our best friend during our summer project and most of our MBA days
Me: yes same place.
He: and still comes handy when we want to flick a readymade report on something
Me: they throw up images also at you if you ask nicely
He: hmmm…

He: Why did you move countries?
Me: more money + good profile + another culture +another country + run away from shaadi + opportunity to travel. just exactly like everyone else. am not very different from most ppl.
He: Its only a myth that we are different, we r all same, the sooner we realise this the better it it”
Me: (In my mind) yeah..I wish. Hmmmm….

He:…blah.blah.blah…And that was the joke. Ha Ha.
Me: U r crazy.
He: I was sane…u made me crazy.
Me: lol…..i dont apologise….
He: Hmmm…..

Me: ok. byebye. love ya. tata
He: birla
Me: horrendous sense of humour
He: heheheh. thnks you
But dont you think it is super fun when you ask ppl dum question with sincereity
Me: of course it is. its very funny
He: Hmmmm..


Simply Complex

May 16, 2007

He: Don’t do it. Don’t freak the poor guy out.
She: Why should I not do it?
He: Because I am saying so.
She (one eyebrow up): And you think I will agree?
He (laughing at the ceiling): I wish. If only you would, life would be so much easier.
She (jauntily): But then, I wouldn’t be so much fun either.
He (sighing): Yeah, but life would have been so much simpler.
She (still jaunty): What do you want to do with a simple life?
He (simply): Live it.
She (laughing): But it would be boring. You wouldn’t enjoy it.
He (one eyebrow up): Of course I would.
She (smirking): I don’t think so. You like complexity. Everyone does.
He (frowning): That’s rubbish.
She (laughing): Everyone does. We just like to pretend that we do not. And that in itself is our complexity.
He (laughing): Whatever….

And they stride towards the lunch room…..



March 2, 2007

She: Hmmm..I wonder what it will be like to have sex with a Non-Indian!
He: Yeah, he probably will have herpes and AIDS.
She: You are so POSITIVE!
He: Listen babe…why don’t you have sex with me instead of ogling at all these firangs?
She: You are SO positive!
He: Seriously! I am sure you will enjoy!
She: YOU are so positive!