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Pitt-er Truth

August 19, 2007

So K turns 26 and has succesfully maintained her single status for 26 long years. On her budday…


K…i hope til now being in the big US of A you have hooked up with at least 1 australian + 1 british + 1 german + 1 chinese + 1 latin guy.
If you havent shame on you and go get one for your happy budday as my budday gift to you




K …kaisi hai….tera track record ladko ke bare main same hai na….good!!!
u havnt dissappointed us,even after goin to US….n dnt worry prince charming in rite thr in the corner,will walk in at the rite time!!!u just hang in thr,dnt change(stop listening to M’s advices,she was never good at them)…
n all the best!!




K….that prince charming is a fairy tale. I am telling you. I am dispensing free advise….like baz luhermaan said in his sunscreen speech ….. A is only being nice to you..I am telling you the truth…..noone comes along riding a white horse and looking like brad pitt….. those who have horses and look like pitt and already busy laying all the angelina jolie lookalikes with those sexy legs, all over the world. I maybe sounding like scrooge’s mother or something but I swear ..I am not lying.

Now THATS the wisest piece of wisdom I have heard in ages.



August 6, 2007

And some come along to undo what you have defined
While others just come along to simply fuck up your mind.


Paradox of Matrimony

July 23, 2007

And I logged in into gtalk….. broke into a smile on seeing him online (I missed him..not seeing him for so many months!) and instantly said a hi! (just that…one hi!)

And he blasted….

tu bata
the world is filled with hypocrites
and there is never a true love
man as a creature chooses to be unhappy by choice
choice fuckin spoils him
hence i will only get married to the girl my mom finds for me cuz then i wont have a choice
i will blindly let my self believe she is choosing the best chick out there
and i agree here to I am making a choice which i knw i
will regret but i have negated the paradox of choice by not choosing and thus put the burden of suffering it on my folks
what a load of crap
i can finally breathe

I love you dude!


A little more love

January 19, 2007

One of my posts elicited a longish response

followed by….

He: So what do you think?
She: I love you for this
He: I know.
She: Of course you do.
He: Do did you like my view about it?
She: Am deciding.
He: About the last statement or the entire comment?
She: Both.
He: To be true to my views, I’ll say that I mean it :0)
She: I never doubted that.
He: I meant about the last statement.
She: I was also talking about the last statement.
He: Hahahaha, good! Our frequency tuning is flawless.
She: Does that put me higher up in the race for your preference among all the loevelies?
He: You are the only one baby. Priority zero is assigned to you.Rest of the list is empty.
She:Liar. I thought you said universal pronoun.I prefer the plush leather couch.


That over-everything feeling

December 21, 2006


That over-discussed, over-sold, over-hyped, over-philosophized, over-cried over, over-sang about, over-photographed, over-wrote about, over-dreamt emotion.

Jaded. I know.
Yet, I am going to write about it.


Because in the course of my writing, I want to know exactly what it means for me.

I think its habit. Pure simple habit.
People start getting used to other people and to things. And then assume that this getting used to is the same as loving them. She sees a new bag, she starts using it, she gets comfortable with it and she starts loving it. Same way, She meets someone new, she starts spending time with him or her, gets comfortable in their company, and assumes that she has started loving them.
Habit, is getting used to. Habit is being comfortable with someone. Habit knows what to expect. Those incidentally are the exact words that people use to describe the feeling of being in love.

Then there is the big difference. The difference between “loving” someone and “being in love” with someone.
It’s so easy to love people. Doesn’t take too much. People are nice, people care for you and yes, they love you. And I love them back.. Going by what I have said, yes I am used to them and I love them. And I meet new people, get used to them and love them.
But falling in love? Does not happen!
Something prevents me from falling in love.
Maybe it’s a fear of not being loved back in the same way.
Maybe a belief that the perfect love that’s in my mind can never occur in real life.
Maybe the entrenched thought that love does not last and when it withers away, it hurts.
So I like you. I may even love you. But I cannot fall in love with you.

From here stems my belief that People are more in love with the concept of being in love than actually being in love.
When the concept itself is so hyped, packaged and sold wrapped in golden glitzy wrapping paper, buried in red velvet hearts, wrapped among teddy bears and sweetened with heart shaped chocolates that who cares about what they actually believe in? Who cares about what I think about it, when I can enjoy the gift giving and gift getting assuming and pretending that I am in love.

Of course, all those people out there in love, will vehemently disagree, outcry and deny everything that I just said. And they together will be a much louder voice than my tiny blog.
But hey this space is mine isn’t it? So I stick around here 🙂